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Comeback Kids

Victoria, TX - The Marshals came to visit the Generals at Riverside Stadium Thursday, June 19th. The two teams were at opposite ends of the standings, the Generals occupying the second place spot while the Marshals took the last.


The Marshals came out swinging in the second inning, bringing home four runs. Mason Mantle brought home two runs with a single in that inning. Casey Mullennix and Chase Daughdrill also brought in runs in the second inning.


The Generals were very quiet until the third inning, when Alvaro Rondon hit a grounder to the second baseman, sacrificing himself as Dayfran Ortiz crossed home for the first Generals run in 16 innings.


The Marshals wouldn’t find pay dirt again until the 6th inning, when Carson Shaddy hit a single out in to right field to bring home Daniel Rushing.


Bryce Welborn, the starter for the Generals, was replaced in the 6th inning by Chris Hassold. Welborn allowed five runs and eight hits on the night. He recorded three strikeouts during his campaign on the mound.


The Generals bounced back with a run in the 7th inning. J.B Moss scored on a hit from Dayfran Ortiz, cutting the Marshals’ lead to three heading in to the 8th.


The Marshals quickly regained their four run lead after a sacrifice fly from Mason Mantle brought home Casey Mullennix in the top of the 8th. That was Mantle’s third RBI of the game.


The Marshals quickly recorded two outs in the bottom of the 8th, and it looked like the Generals were done for the inning when Kyle Danford kept the scoring streak alive for the Generals with a double in the 8th to bring home Cedric Vallieres. The Generals would score again off an error made by the third baseman. The two runs in the 8th brought the Generals to within two heading in to the 9th inning.


Austin Hilton, who started the game for the marshals, was replaced by Joseph Herbert in the 8th inning. Herbert played 7 and two-thirds innings, allowing three runs on five hits. He recorded three strikeouts in his time pitching.


Chris Hassold was taken out just before the 9th inning began in favor of Armando Arevalo. Hassold gave up no hits and no runs. He recorded two strikeouts in his campaign as pitcher.


Joseph Herbert was replaced in the 9th inning by Keaton Brewer. Herbert gave up one run and one hit during his time on the mound. He struck out one batter.


The Generals scored in the 9th after Cedric Vallieres was nailed by a pitch with the bases loaded. Kyle Danford was walked with the bases loaded, tying the game up when Matthew Burks crossed home plate. Brian Portelli finished the comeback off with a single hit hard directly at the short stop who was unable to handle it.


Armando Arevalo gets the win for the Generals, recording a no hitter in the 9th inning. Keaton Brewer receives his first loss of the season after giving up two free runs and the game winning hit in the bottom of the 9th.


The Generals win their second straight against the Marshals and will face them tomorrow night on $1 hot dog and 16oz fountain Pepsi soda night, starting at 7:35.

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